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The Bible Is…(Feb. 19th, 26th, and March 5th)

Everyone knows that the center of faith and practice for Christian churches is the Bible. But, some would say, “It’s so outdated! That was good for people a long time ago, but not for us today.” or “It’s subjective! The Bible says what you need it to say.” or “The Bible is Contradictory! How can you follow a book like that!”

Come join us for three weeks as we engage each of these accusations to see if the Bible holds up under scrutiny.

Times and Location

Sunday Service: 10am

Address: 2751 E Ave R, Palmdale, CA 93550 (Click for Directions)

Phone: (661) 878-8316


The vision of Sonrise Church is to affect cultural change for the glory of God and the benefit of humankind by equipping the church members to carry out their God given talents and gifts among the people of East Palmdale, the Antelope Valley, and the world.


At Sonrise Church, we believe the Bible to be God’s revelation to humankind. The Bible teaches that God’s wrath is due all humankind for unfaithfulness to Him. People can escape this wrath through faith in Jesus Christ alone, not by their own actions, nor by any other means. For more information please see our We Believe page.

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The Bible Is Outdated

February 20, 2017

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