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This Sunday we are wrapping up our series titled, ‘They Say…’ They say, ‘Christians are hypocrites.’ They say, ‘Christians are intolerant.’ They say, ‘Christians are unloving.’ Are these things true? If you’ve missed the past messages, I would encourage you to go back and listen to them on the website. It’s funny, because I don’t usually preach three week series’ so it’s come and gone really fast!

I’m currently preparing our next series–also three weeks–titled, ‘Why the Church…’ In this series we will address many questions the culture asks about the church.

Why does the church seem so exclusive? Why does the church seem divided? Why does the church try to convert people to Christianity? Join us at Sonrise Church for a three week series (Jan. 29th, Feb. 5th, and Feb. 12th) where we will honestly explore these topics. Should the church be all inclusive? United? Open to all? Come find out!

We’ve barely scratched the surface of the new year, but I wanted to share with you a couple of things that I am very encouraged by. Our attendance is already up from last year. We had 125 in attendance last week. It encourages me to see our church family at Sonrise committing to worship together and to fellowship. And it encourages me to see you bringing friends and family members to worship with us.

Last week we also set a record for online giving. Over a third of our churches collection was given online. My family chooses to give online because it’s more convenient for us. I always know how much my paycheck is so I set up a recurring gift on the website to give to the Lord’s work at Sonrise, automatically every month. And I know many others are doing the same. And still many others are faithful to give on Sunday morning as we pass the collection plate. So, thank you all so much for all for your generosity!

The freight company tried to deliver the grocery bags for the Grocery Bag Day on Wednesday, but no one was at the church building to sign for them. Hopefully we will have them in hand before Sunday so we can make some available to the congregation. I was starting to be concerned we wouldn’t have them before 28th when our teams get together to hand them out!

Looking forward to all that the Lord has for us in the upcoming week. Hope to see you all Sunday!

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