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Enjoying the New Year

This Sunday we are wrapping up our series titled, ‘They Say…’ They say, ‘Christians are hypocrites.’ They say, ‘Christians are intolerant.’ They say, ‘Christians are unloving.’ Are these things true? If you’ve missed the past messages, I would encourage you to go back and listen…

Merry Christmas!

I hope you are getting excited about this Sunday. I know I am. It’s not very often that we get to celebrate Christmas—the birth of Christ—on Sunday, the day that most Christian churches have set aside to worship Jesus Christ. The next time will be…

Praying for Sonrise Church

Lord, let us be filled with confidence and with the certainty of our faith in Christ and let us have confidence in the power of self-giving love. Though we, at times, feel spiritually destitute, let us rest our knowledge of Christ and lend us power in Christ’s Spirit to accomplish all of your will.