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As you probably know, Vacation Bible School is coming up very quickly (June 26-30). Please register your kids ahead of time at, so you don’t have to wait in line to register them when VBS starts. Registration is very quick. There’s lots more info about VBS on the website.

If you are working VBS, I want to remind you; you must have a Sonrise t-shirt. Please contact the church office or order one on Sunday.

I hope you can join us for our Family Fun Day at Dominic Massari Park on June 10th. We will be serving lunch for the community between noon and 4pm. Please join us and plan to help out for a bit if you are a member of the church.

As you know, the biblical church is a community church. We come together to worship. We come together to serve. And we come together to minister to each other and the larger community around us. I was reminded of the necessity for the biblical community through the International Mission’s Board newsletter. Please give this article a read through.

Without Community the Mission Suffers (VANCE PITMAN | MAY 23 2017)

God bless you this week as you set your eyes on Christ!

Pastor Anthony

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