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God is doing great things!

We told the story of the Bible last week at Sonrise Church and received really encouraging feedback. Some people expressed that they had never understood what was happening in the spiritual realm. Others benefited from seeing the whole story from beginning to end. God is doing great things and He is leading the church into His eternal Kingdom.

This week we are going to dive into the Old Testament as we take a closer look at the major themes for the next 9 weeks. The Series is entitled “Killing Stuff” because there is a lot of death in the Old Testament. We want to look closely at these things to see what God was up to. The first message is titled Killing Peace. We will look at the death of peace—the death of Shalom—this Sunday as a primer for the entire 9 weeks. I hope you will prioritize attendance.

Speaking of attendance, our staff realized that many people were sick this past week and in weeks prior. I want you to know we are praying for you all, for strength and for perseverance in your journey through life with Jesus Christ.

So, we pray that you will be in good health to join us this Sunday. There’s some other stuff you should know about as well. This Sunday is Daylight Savings Time and since it’s Spring (Spring Forward!), that means you get to lose an hour of sleep by setting your clock forward one hour.

Don’t let the hour discourage you, though. We have our annual youth bake auction. Make sure you come out and support our youth group by either purchasing a decadent dessert or by providing one for the auction. The auction will be right after Sunday service.

May the Lord bless you this week as you seek after Him!



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