The Bible is Contradictory

Mar. 5, 2017 by

How does the Bible, written over a vast amount of time, produce one cohesive story? That’s the question and to many people out there, the answer is that the story isn’t cohesive at all. Many people would say that the

The Bible is Subjective

Feb. 26, 2017 by

Perspective is an illusion. When you saw the black camels, you found out they were only shadows. That you saw camels was an illusion caused by perspective. The way your brain interprets data—whether that is something you see, hear, read,

The Bible Is Outdated

Feb. 19, 2017 by

I watched a bunch of YouTube videos this week. I was looking for a really good video arguing that the Bible is, in fact, outdated. Cause, you know, there’s some really smart people and I wanted to see what they