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We are finishing up our third week of ‘The Bible Is…’ and I’m very excited about this week’s message, where I will have the opportunity to tell the story of the Bible from beginning to end to demonstrate the consistency of its message. I’m praying that many will come to hear the greatest story ever told–to be clear, that’s not my story (Pastor Anthony), but God’s story as recorded in the Bible.

This Sunday, we will have some Sonrise Swag out for you to purchase so that you can represent Christ and Sonrise Church in a visual way. I’d encourage you to come a few minutes early or a few minutes late for that reason. We have tons of grocery bags, but have also purchased Sonrise Mugs and pens, and will be taking orders for Sonrise T-Shirts. Here’s the mockup for the t-shirt. We felt it spoke to the mission of the church and the heart of Sonrise Church.

I wanted to remind you that we are doing another grocery bag day this Saturday. Please let me know if you were not able to sign up and I can get you on a team.

Finally, without going into a lot of detail, I want you to know that several members of our church are going through spiritual warfare. Please pray for victory over the accuser, who seeks to destroy all that God has made good. Pray that, as we experience the physical side effects of spiritual warfare, the Spirit of God would empower us to live every day according to the love of Jesus Christ.

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