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I just wanted to take some time to praise God for last week. Many were in attendance as we celebrated with baptisms. At our monthly prayer meeting last Thursday, we had a great time of fellowship with each other and the Lord as we praised God for the great things He is doing at Sonrise and in the AV. And we lifted up our church member and leaders, and the community around us in prayer.

And I pray we can continue that time of fellowship as we gather on Tuesday (2-21) for a night of worship. We look forward to a time of praise through song, reading of scripture, and prayer together as the body of Christ. I hope to see many from our church come out to be a part of this time.

And as we talk about prayer, please pray for this coming Sunday. We are beginning another 3-week series titled, ‘The Bible Is…’ Everyone knows that the center of faith and practice for Christian churches is the Bible. But, some would say, “It’s so outdated! That was good for people a long time ago, but not for us today.” or “It’s subjective! The Bible says what you need it to say.” or “The Bible is Contradictory! How can you follow a book like that!”

Over the next three weeks, we are going to tackle this difficult topic. My prayer for our community is that some who are skeptical of the Bible will come to trust the Bible and more importantly to trust Jesus as Lord and Savior. And my prayer for Sonrise is that we will grow in our love for God’s word, our knowledge of it, our confidence to study it, and our zeal to live it out.

God bless you this week as you set your mind on Jesus Christ!

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