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Our Christmas celebration has always included some form of Advent with scripture reading, singing, prayers, and often treats. Our Advent celebration is a little different each year, but we almost always include Christmas books to read aloud after we do the scripture readings for the evening. We’ve read the classic stories, new stories, short stories, and long stories. It is a sweet time for our family.

So make some hot chocolate, get out your advent calendars, and cozy up together! Take some time to read to your littles (and not so littles) and build those special Christmas memories together.

  1. The Wonder of the Greatest Gift: An Interactive Family Celebration of Advent This is really an Advent calendar in the form of a book. It features a pop-up tree with 25 ornaments to hang each day, along with short readings to tell the story of Christ.
  2. Saint Nicholas: The Real Story of the Christmas Legend Whether your family carries out the Santa Claus tradition or not, this book tells the somewhat fictionalized legend of the kind man who generously gave to others because he was a servant of God.
  3. The Miracle of the Myrrh Tells the story of a how we ourselves are blessed when we bless others.
  4. The Year of the Perfect Christmas Tree: An Appalachian Story Beautiful illustrations accompany this story about a mother and daughter who find themselves needing to fulfill the family obligation of finding the village’s Christmas tree because the father is away at war.
  5. Apple Tree Christmas Is a lovely story about gratitude and familial love
  6. The Legend of the Candy Cane A favorite among many, this story unfolds the wonderful symbolism of the candy cane representing Jesus
  7. The Other Wise Man This imaginative tells the story of a Wise Man who didn’t find the light in Bethlehem with the other Wise Men, and searched for years helping others along the way.
  8. The Gift of the Magi A classic tale about beautiful, wise, sacrificial giving from the heart.
  9. A New Coat for Anna An amazing story of a mother’s trials to provide a coat for her daughter during the hard economics of post WW11. This story helps all to have an appreciation and gratitude for the ordinary.
  10. The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey A widow and her son help to heal a grumpy woodcarver who is carrying grief.

Have you found a good Christmas book that instills character and promotes good works? Leave a comment below and share it with us!

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