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THE HOLY SPIRIT IS IN the heart of every believer (Romans 8:9); but alas, too often He is shut up in some mere attic in the back of the house, while the world fills the rest. As long as it is so, there is one long weary story of defeat and unrest. But He is not content. The Spirit, which God has made to dwell in us, yearns even with a jealous envy (see James 4:5). Happy are they who yield to Him. Then He will fill them, as the tide fills the harbor and lifts the barges off the banks of mud. He will dwell in them, shedding abroad the perfume of the love of Jesus, and He will reveal the deep things of God.

We can always tell when we are wrong with the Spirit of God; our conscience darkens in a moment when we have grieved Him. If we are aware of such a darkness, we do well never to rest until, beneath His electric light, we have discovered the cause and confessed it and put it away. Besides this, if we live and walk in the Spirit, we shall find that He will work against the risings of our old nature, counteracting them as disinfecting power counteracts the germs of disease floating in an infected house, so that we may do the things that we would (see Galatians 5:17). This is one of the most precious words in the New Testament. If you have never tried it, I entreat you to begin to test it in daily experience. “Walk in the Spirit,” hour by hour, by watchful obedience to His slightest promptings, and you will find that “you will not fulfill the lust of the flesh.”

As soon as you are aware of temptation, look instantly to Jesus. Flee to Him quicker than a chicken runs beneath the shelter of its mother’s wing when the falcon is in the air. In the morning, before you leave your room, put yourself definitely into His hands, persuaded He is able to keep that which you commit unto Him. Go from your home with the assurance that He will cover you with His feathers, and under His wings shall you trust. And when the tempter comes, look instantly up and say, “Jesus, I am trusting Thee to keep me.”

F. B. Meyer

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