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SALVATION! BLESSED BE GOD, THAT our fallen earth has heard the joyful sound! It is unheard in hell. Reader, blessed be the grace which brought it to your ears! Multitudes of man’s family are strangers to it. But thrice-blessed be the Spirit’s love, if it is the sweetest melody which charms you – the loudest note, by day and by night, of your unwearied praise! To multitudes, it is a tuneless cymbal.

Salvation! It peoples the many mansions of the heavenly kingdom. It is the bliss of the ever-blissful. It is the joy of the ever-joyful. It is the happiness of the ever-happy. It is the song of the ever-singing. It is the peace of the ever-peaceful. It is the rest of the ever-resting. It is the glory of the ever-glorified. O my soul! See to it, that you are saved.

Salvation! It is a roll written by Jehovah’s pen. It is the decree of Divine councils: the fruit of omniscient mind: the first-born of unmeasured love: the perfection of eternal thought: the strength of omnipotence. It is the fabric, which every attribute of God erected, with concurring hand; in which every stone is brought by mercy, and shaped by wisdom, and laid by grace; in which there is no defect – no blemish – no decay. It is the soul-built temple, which will rise and shine in growing splendor through all ages. O my soul! See to it, that you are saved.

Salvation! It is the work for which Jesus was born in Bethlehem, and lived on earth, and died at Calvary, and descended into the grave, and burst the bonds of death, and mounted to heaven, and sits on the right hand of God. For this He trod the lowest vale of shame and grief. For this He drank the deepest cup of wrath and torment. For this He grappled with the powers of darkness. For this He reigns and prays on high.

Henry Law

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