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On Saturday, a group of kids from our Kid’s Ministry as well as a few teens, and some amazing volunteers got together to celebrate the great light that has come into the world, namely Jesus. There were games, singing, crafting, teaching, scripture reading, skits, and of course, TACOS. Thank you to all the volunteers who bless our kids! Check out the below video to see a small sample of the fun we had together, as well as this short excerpt written by one of the teens.

Written by Lorelei Delgado

I walked up to the microphone, examining my feet as they shakily went forward. Completely unconscious of my friend walking next to me. I read my part as slowly and steadily as I could, grinning at the script that I held over my face. When it was done, I walked back to my seat and let out my breath. That was only the first part and I had stuttered a lot; good thing it was only rehearsal.

When rehearsal was finished, the other teens and I hung out with the Kids Equip group because they were closer to our age than the Kids Connect. We were first at the game station and I was jumping in my shoes to start the relay race. When it was my turn, I stood head-to-head with Keira. “On your marks, get set, GO! I blew through a thin plastic straw at a cotton ball it front of me. When I finally got it in the bowl, I was so out of breath that I could barely sing “Happy Birthday” to Jesus. And then we were off again, going as slowly as we could without loosing. I held my breath so that I wouldn’t knock my cotton ball off of the spoon as I carried it to the next part–snow angels. I lied on the floor and got a million rug burns as I did my five snow angels on the carpet. Then we grabbed a pair of scissors. We had to cut at least four shapes out of a piece of tissue paper to make a snowflake, and then put it on our heads and carry it to the next part. I dropped the terrible snowflake and spun around while singing, “We Wish You a Merry Christmas!” I looked ahead and saw balloons. Oh no! I grabbed a balloon and put in between my ankles and waddled like a penguin as fast as I could. It was so humiliating! The slippery balloon kept popping out from between my legs. Finally, I’d had enough; I pulled up my leggings and tried again. Up until then, I had been ahead of Keira, but she was catching up. We both waddled as fast as we could, but she just crossed the line ahead of me. Some said I won, others said she did, but I’m pretty sure she beat me fair and square.

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